Please Help Me to Determine What is Right Implant Size and Style I Should Select Rhinoplasty Can Help Me? (photo)

i wants to know that what is the best size and style for my chin implant and is there any risk for getting an extra large size as i think i need most prominent chin....and please tell how rhinoplasty can help me...becausei dont like the way my nose apperse...i think my nose is flat, droopy tip,and flared nosetrill please let me know what is ur can help me..thanx

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Chin implant and rhinoplasty performed together

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The majority of chin implants that we place are either small or medium implants, composed of Silastic, inserted through a  submental approach under local anesthesia. We prefer the anatomical  chin implant or a pre-jowl chin implant for best results. In rhinoplasty  we prefer to use patient's own natural cartilage for implantation across the bridge when available.  Rhinoplasty was performed under general anesthesia. Silastic implants are also available  when a large nasal dorsal augmentation is required. please see the link below for examples of the combination of chin implant and rhinoplasty.

The secret of your rhinoplasty and chin surgeries is... shape and size

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You need two implants: one for the nose and the other for the chin. The trick is deciding on the exact shape of both. That takes an experienced surgeon who performs at least one to two implants of this kind every month.

Nabil Fanous, MD
Montreal Facial Plastic Surgeon

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