Excess skin after high weight loss? (Photos)

Ive lost about a 100 pounds in the last 8 months. Ive left around with this pooch on my belly and live handles. Is there any solution for this?.My upper body is toned. Just a bit amount of excess skin on my nipple area. Ive always dreamt of that typical beach body. Please help me

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Excess skin after high weight loss? (Photos)


Congrats on the weight loss - that’s a big step you made for a healthier lifestyle. Now, to get the body to match your confidence, I recommend a tummy tuck! That procedure will remove the excess skin from your abdomen. That will help re-establish the smooth contour of your body. I recommend meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area, but I believe a tummy tuck will give you the beach body you dream of!

Best of luck!

Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Excess Skin After Major Weight Loss

Thank you for including images with your question and congratulations on your massive weight loss. Numerous options are available to address the excess of skin that results from massive weight loss. A lower body lift would be best to remove the excess skin. In combination of an upper arm lift and a tummy tuck, you could find your best results. Best of luck!

Norman H. Rappaport, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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