Knuckle Scar treatment or removal? (photo)

I have a scar on my right knuckle from a wart removal many years ago, sometime around 2003. The spot never exactly heals correctly leaving a top layer of skin that becomes tough and peels off easily. I often find myself scratching it off for relief then I have to go through the skin healing process all over again. The scar didnt use to be as large but as I keep picking at it it is spreading. Im wondering if there is a procedure that could remove the scar tissue and make this look better?

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Knuckle healing

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You must quit peeling and scratching and rubbing this area. Your skin responds to this rubbing/peeling/pulling/scratching by growing thicker and rougher - and then the process repeats. I recommend a strong glycolic acid, or urea, containing cream applied frequently with moisturizer to soften the area. keep it covered if you have to, to keep from rubbing it. Keep it soft and well moisturized. You can find over the counter creams containing these agents - Cerave SA, Avene Akerat S, glytone heel and elbow cream - stronger creams can be found in doctors offices or with prescription. You can even use wart remover but that usually makes it too soft and macerated.

The entire area can be removed with a procedure called shave removal but it can come back even after removal.

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