Is laser tattoo removal at all similar to scar removal surgery?

I had a tummy tuck surgery to remove loose skin when I was younger. I became very self-conscious about the remaining scar and eventually I got a tattoo on my waistline to cover it up. While I like tattoos I do feel a bit weird being a guy and having a tattoo there, practically all the way across my stomach. The tattoo was done five years ago now, and both the tattoo and especially the scar have faded. If I had laser tattoo removal done, would it help to fade the scar, make it worse, or neither?

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Tattoo covering a tummy tuck scar

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Removing the tattoo with laser tattoo removal, preferably the newest generation laser Picosure, will not have an impact on the existing scar.  Scars tend to mature over time and lose their bright red color.  The width of the scar will not change.  

Sugar Land Dermatologic Surgeon

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