Jaw line looks bottom heavy. Advice? (photo)

how can I get rid of the large fatty jawline and double chin? I'm 46.

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‚ÄčIt seems you have jowl problem.

It seems you have jowl problem. to reduce jowl you need face lift procedures. there are numerous face lift methods and each methods has their pros and cons.

I recommend you have a visit to your plastic surgeon (antiaging expert) and have a consultation session. He/She will offer you most adequate procedure to reduce your jowl


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Jaw or jowl?

The best way to decide what the perfect procedures are for you is to have a face to face exam with a surgeon and show them the exact area that bother you.  You can address the chin with either liposuction or an injectable product called Kybella.  When you talk about your heavy jaw I think you are referring the mild early jowls that are forming at the back of your jaw.  You can add some filler to the area in front of these jowls to camouflage them, or, ultimately, a facelift would treat all of your complaints.  Again, a face to face discussion with a surgeon will help you make a final decision.  

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
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