Can upper pole fullness be achieved with a reduction without implants?

I am having a reduction on October 31… I am a 30 8G… I would like to be a C... what I have to have implants for upper pole fullness? Or can it be achieved with a reduction and lift?

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Upper pole fullness after breast reduction

It is very difficult to achieve long lasting upper pole fullness after breast reduction or mastopexy. Internal sutures are often used to encourage upper pole fullness but these results are not maintained full term and this is evidenced from many scientific papers. One approach is to carry out the reduction and see whether you are happy with the shape post op. Ensure you discuss your concerns pre op with your surgeon 

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Can I achieve upper pole fullness without implants?

It is possible to achieve improved upper pole fullness with a reduction. However, the degree of upper pole fullness is limited without an implant.  During a consultation, you surgeon should be able to give you an idea of how much fullness can be obtained.  

If you are very large currently and having a reduction, you will likely be better served by getting the reduction first.  You can always have another procedure to place the implant at a later time if you are unsatisfied.


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Can upper pole fullness be achieved with a reduction without implants?

I think that it can be very challenging to achieve long-term upper pole fullness with breast reduction or lifting surgery. In my practice, the upper pole fulness (that many patients want), is best achieved/maintained with breast implants.  Given that your surgery is coming up soon, discuss your goals carefully with your plastic surgeon and make sure that you achieve a sense  realistic expectations prior to proceeding. Best wishes.

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Breast reduction, breast lift, upper pole fullness

it's difficult to be specific without photos and an exam. However the short answer is it's possible. The longer answer is it depends. How much Upper pole fullness do you want? Typically  upper pole fullness  is not well-maintained with the lifting procedure.   This is why implants have been employed it is possible to have fat grafting to the upper pole to increase the fullness and get rid of the need for an implant.  Good luck 

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Upper Pole Fullness

Thank you for your question. 

Upper pole fullness can be achieved during a reduction, but it does depend on some patient factors. These including the density/firmness of the breast tissue and the elasticity or stretchiness of the skin. There are some suspension techniques that can be utilized to secure the breast tissue higher on the chest wall to improve fullness. It is important to discuss your goals with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to your surgery so that you can have a conversation about realistic expectations and results. 

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