My neck is more wrinkled than before. Neck lift 5 months ago. Does it just need more time? (photo)

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Residual Deformities 5 Months After Neck Lift

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At 5 months you should have an idea of how you will turn out and I share your concerns.
Your photo demonstrates that your platysmal bands are still separated and prominent. Were they corrected at the time of your surgery?. You will also benefit from some sort of resurfacing procedure of your skin. 
My advice is to return to your plastic surgeon and have a frank discussion with him/her. If he/she is not board certified and this is not a major emphasis in their practice, seek a second opinion from someone that is. See below link on how to find the best plastic surgeon in your area.

Neck lifts Take Time!

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Neck lifts involve three unique components.
  1. Removal of excess fat
  2. Removal of excess skin 
  3. Tightening of the platysmal bands
You may have persistent swelling and that can lead to an irregular contour, however your platysmal bands seem to be separated in this photo.

My neck is more wrinkled than before. Neck lift 5 months ago. Does it just need more time?

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posted photo DOES NOT appear as a lifting but as a suction type operation? Please explain... Revision only option I see at this time via the internet... 

Neck lift

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Thank you for the one photo though a full examination is needed.  From what I can see though I am concerned that you might benefit from a revision and a platysmaplasty revision if one was done

Dr Corbin


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I really cannot determine enough information from your photo to provide you with a satisfactory answer.  Please have someone take  photos from the side with your chin in a normal (90 degree) position 

John M. Griffin, MD (retired)
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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