I Have Knots All on the Inside of my Mouth from a Fat Transfer to my Face What Should I Do?

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Knots? inside my mouth after fat grafting

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Sounds like the fat was injected too deep. The fat should be injected in the superficial fat layers of the face. Perhaps these can be felt inside the mouth early on or they are injected adjaent to the oral mucosa in the deeper layers of the face. Be sure to tell your doctor you are concerned

Nodule from fat transfer can be removed.

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Check back with the physician who did the fat transfer.  An experienced physician will know how to deal with your problem.  If you are not satisfied, check with another respected plastic or dermatologic surgeon who has extensive experience in doing fat transfer.

Mark Taylor, MD
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Fat Transfer Knots and Nodules

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It would be helpful to have more information to answer your question in a more helpful fashion.

For example - " knots" might refer to actual suture knots a surgeon placed. If self absorbing you can wait or if still there over a week or permanent they can be removed.

If by "knots" you mean nodules then I would want to know where the fat was injected and for what purpose, how long after the procedure you are now at and so on. Most nodules will progressively go away. If they are still present 6 mo to a year later you can see your physician but probably nothing would be done if not visible or causing a functional problem

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