I Knocked my Nose 10 Weeks Post Op, Should I Worry?

I'm 10 weeks post op open rhinoplasty, i still have quite alot of swelling especially in the bottom third of my nose. My nose got knocked fairly hard when i was wrestling, hard enough to make my eyes water and i noticed a small amount of blood inside my nostril after. I'm just wondering how this will effect my recovery (swelling) and if i have just set myself back? :( and if so how long? i noticed it swelled a bit more straight after, will this swelling go down quickly back to before the knock?

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Post-Op Concerns Rhinoplasty

At this point, there is not much danger to hitting the nose, or at least no greater than if you had never had any nasal surgery. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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I Knocked my Nose 10 Weeks Post Op, Should I Worry?

Should be no problem. But beast to see your rhinoplasty surgeon for an intranasal examine. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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Contact sports after rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty your nose should heal firmly and stand up to all sports, even contact sports. It is unpractical to tell an athlete that basketball is out of the question after the nose has been improved or repaired with a rhinoplasty. We do know that after rhinoplasty the nose will heal by what we refer to as a 'fibrous union' in that the bone healing is softer than a recovery from a long bone fracture. The nose will shift with less force after rhinoplasty. If you think you have a problem, go back and have your surgeon take a look. The swelling will go down. Is your nose now straighter? What luck.

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Ten weeks post rhinoplasty

By ten weeks your nose should be pretty solid however just like if you didn't have a rhinoplasty, if you take a good shot to the nose you can damage it. You may want to see your surgeon.

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Nasal Trauma after Rhinoplasty


In general you should avoid contact sports after a rhinoplasty.  Whether nasal trauma after rhinoplasty will affect your results will depend on the nature of the trauma and the specific changes that were made to your nose during the rhinoplasty.

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