Knock to the Nose 3 Days Post-operative. What To Expect?

I had a rhinoplasty involving lots of tip work: defatting, grafting, lots of suturing. Also a bit of rasping of the bridge. 3 days post op (cast still on), my boyfriend knocked me on the nose, from below, right on the tip. It hurt like hell for 5 mins, then throbbed for 30 mins. But didn't bleed. However, because of the shock, I cried quite a lot, which blocked up my nose and made it weep (clear fluid). It didn't swell. What's the probability I have done any damage to the sutures or structure?

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Post Op Rhinoplasty Injury

Yours is an all too common occurence after nasal surgery, undoubtedly because of the location of the nose!  Impossible to know if any damage was done immediately, but it is definitely in your favor that the cast is still on.  It provides some protection and support in this critical time of healing.  Your surgeon will assess things when he removes the cast.  Hope all goes well for you!

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