Will a Knock Affect my Rhino and Septo Revision?

i had a revision rhino and septo about 3.5 weeks ago and my hubby knocked it with his elbow tonight. will a hit affect the way my nose will heal or change shape?

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A knock on nose following revision rhinolplasty.

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Thank you for the question, most patients will be able to tell if something bad happened to the nose after an injury. If it looks and feels normal, then most likely nothing happened. I would, however, still advise you to follow up with your plastic surgeon.


San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Damage from a hit post rhinosepto revision

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While your nose remains vulnerable to trauma as you heal, there is no indication that the hit created extensive damage. Request your surgeon to examine you to ensure that no damage was sustained, and scold your husband to be more careful in the future.

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