Eye pain after lateral canthoplasty, what can I do to resolve?

I'm 6 weeks post op from lateral canthoplasty. My eyes are tight, straining to function normally, itchy, red, thread on outer corners causing discomfort. surgeon showing lack of interest in issues raised other than to prescribe eye drops after 4 weeks of no contact. Outer corners LOWER than inner corners causing 'sad look'. Vertically/horizontally eyes are decreased. Please advice what I can do as funds non existent as used in this surgery so nothing left to pursue further surgery. Thank you

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While you may be out of funds, you need medical care for this.

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If your surgeon is not helpful, you need to find another oculofacial surgeon or general ophthalmologist to assess you.  Pain is not normal.  Please do not ignore it.  Pain is a sign that something is not right.  We can't diagnosis you problem on this forum.  Please seek the medical care you need.

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