What Can I Do For Huge Grapefruit Sized Multiple Lipomas On My Knees?

Over the past 20 years they have slowly enlarged due to injuries,weight gain, sedentary career, driving 40,000 miles every 6 months...The larger than grapefruit sized lipoma(diagnosed by doctor)are now bulging through even wide-legged slacks (from inner knee) and are embarrassing. Yet, the surgeries I've seen on YouTube do not instill confidence in surgeries considering the tricky knee area and all the other tendons, muscle, etc.involved. Sometimes it feels as though they keep my knee together! What can I do?

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First you have to be sure these bulges around the knees are really lipomas, or fat collection, or are they cysts because of knee joint problems??? I would do an MRI first confirm the diagnosis then do the right surgery.

Cosult a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON (AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY) and may be an orthopedic surgeon. Then discuss the surgery needed and the complications and risks. There a lot of mi information on the net and U TUBE

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