Knee to Shin Surgery Scar and Side Calf Surgery Scar? (photo)

Hi, I fractured my tibial plateau, tore my miniscus, had to have my tibia realigned & supported with a titanium plate and screws. My surgery scar starts at the top right side of my right knee & continues down the shin, 8 inches in length. There are also two other incision scars on the left side of my leg; one on the left side of my right knee & one on the left side, right leg calf. The scars are red & purple. Surgery was 9 weeks ago. Using silicone sheets. Suggestions for laser or treatment? Thx!

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Laser treatment of surgical scars on the legs and knees

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I would recommend early treatment of this scar to improve results.  I usually recommend meticulous attention to scars in the early phase as this can prevent further visibility of the scar.  In this particular case, laser treatment with pulsed dye laser will be of benefit. 

Conservative Treatment for a Year

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   Conservative treatment for a year is the best advice, because the scar will become less pigmented.  Then you can evaluate whether a scar revision or resurfacing would be helpful.

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