What Are My Options To Remove Knee Bulge?

ok so i am in the process of losing weight.. but even when i was of normal size i had this issue.. with my knees. i have big thighs naturally and its almost like they are too big for my legs.. a firm bulge of fat hangs over from my thigh to my knee.. similar to when a person with flabby arms skin/fat hangs over their elbow when the arm is straightened.. what would be the best procedure to combat this? if any?? i know there is no particular exercise that will target this area alone.

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Fat bulge near knees

Photos would be helpful to better determine your exact deformity. If there indeed is lax, hanging skin, then some sort of skin resection along with fat may be the best choice. If this is not the case and the skin tone is relatively good, then it may be possible to obtain significant improvement just with liposuction.

Your best bet would be to be evaluated by a reputable board certified plastic surgeon in your area. He/she can tehn answer all your questions including whatif any procedure would be prudent for you.

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How to treat Knee Bulge

This can be a challenging issue. If the bulge is central and the overall knee contour is good, liposuction may be the best solution. If there is fullness over the knee, then liposuction or an excisional procedure may be necessary. Consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon is recommended to find the best solution!

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Treatment of Knee "Bulge"

Thank you for the question.

It is difficult to give you good advice without direct examination. If the area you are concerned about is adipose tissue with overlying good quality (on the elasticity standpoint) skin  you may be a candidate for liposuction surgery. If you are concerned that after liposuction skin will not redrape  nicely then a excisional (lipectomy)  procedure may be indicated.

I would suggest in person consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

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