What type of bone graft would I need for getting an implant bridge for my 4 lower incisors? (Photo)

I have receding gums and bone loss. My teeth are moving so there is no question that I need the implant bridge (2 implants + bridge) My dentist is recommending grafting and implant on one session(as opposed to grafting first and some months later implant). Is this a good idea?

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The best way to go, is to extract those teeth, and do immediate setting of implants , there are several techniques where you would not even use bone graft.the 2 implants set, will heal, and the best recommendation is not to load them, let them heal for at least 3 months, and meanwhile you can wear a flipper, later on, you will be able to receive the prosthetic solution, and you will have strong and healthy bridge there.

Dental implants

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Hi, thanks for the question... It could be at same time bone graft and implants, but you need to evaluate your bone if is healthy to receive the new bone, if you not sure your bone is healthy the better option is put bone grafting first and see if is working and later put the implants. Regards 

Grafts before dental implants

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Based on your X-rays alone, I would say you can have the teeth removed and implants placed right away WITHOUT bone grafting. I don't have entire clinical picture and I'm only saying this based on two X-rays. But I'm confident you can have implants without additional bone and for a lower cost. See your periodontist or oral surgeon for a consultation first. 

Herbert Veisman, DDS
Toronto Periodontist

Grafting and implants

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There isn't really a lot holding those teeth in the bone so removing them and grafting in the same day sounds like a viable treatment plan. The bone graft may be necessary to help stabilize the implants.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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