I had squamous cell carcinoma on my head and had to have it removed. Can the hole increase or spread as I get older? (photo)

why was there not a mess netting placed to cover the large hole in my head and will or can the hole increase or spread as I get older (I am 52 now) my second question is I had a skin graph taken from my thigh, is there any possible way to have hair transplant done to re grow hair on the area of my head when the flap was placed as the rest of my head is still growing hair at a very fast pace.

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Will removal site and reconstruction on my head expand as I get older?

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First, you obviously had a very severe and destructive cancer. I'm glad you had it taken care of and from the pictures, it looks like you saw a very skilled physician or surgical team. Your site will not grow or expand as you age. Once we reach a certain age our head itself doesn't grow or change anymore in size so your site will not stretch or spread. Since a flap was taken from your thigh and placed onto the scalp region the hair follicles there are different. They are spaced differently even. It is unlikely that a hair transplant would fix the growth issue there simply because the space between the follicles from the leg to the scalp are so different. You could consult with a hair transplant specialist to see if there is anything that can be done, but my instinct is that the area is too big and the spacing of follicles too far apart to alter enough to match the unaffected portion of your scalp.

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