Open rhinoplasty: Are the nurses and surgeon lying to me? (photos)

I had my nose done April 2016 broken, open rhinoplasty and bump removed but I'm so unhappy. It's fat at the end, still a bump and now thick at the top. They say I had a infection 'Staphylococcus Aureus' which has stopped my healing? And it takes a full year etc but I don't believe them anymore I see so many beautiful noses just weeks after surgery. Can they be telling the truth or have I spent a lot of money for something I didn't want?

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Rhinoplasty - effects of infection

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I am a bit confused with your clinical course and your pictures don't exactly help shed light on the situation.  In theory most of the changes do take a year to finalize.  For more subtle changes, up to 2 years has been seen with open rhinoplasty.  It sounds like your best course is to wait and continue to voice your concerns with your surgeon.  Best Wishes!!


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You could undergo a revision to improve the results by refining the tip and addressing the polybeak deformity.  You do not usually have to wait an entire year for this. 

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