Issues with breast augmentation scarring. (photos)

I had my breasts done in March of this year- I got 'lollipop' incisions and recently I noticed that the vertical scars seem to have blistered. I called my surgeon and she said they haven't seen anything like this before but it doesn't look like something of concern and to just use over the counter hydrocortisone cream on the affected areas. This didn't seem to help so I would just like a second (or more) opinion.

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Potential Problems with Scarring

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All surgical procedures carry some degree of risk Any breast operation can result in changes in sensation. This happens less with lifts than reductions but is still possible Occasionally, minor complications occur and do not affect the surgical outcome. Major complications associated with this procedure are rare. The suitability of the breast lift procedure and specific risks may be determined during your consultation.

#Hypertrophic or #keloid scars can be a problem. The worst are usually under the breast with an #AnchorLift or inverted “T”. These can be treated like all thickened scars with re-excision, laser, kenalog/5-FU injections, creams, silicone strips and other methods to reduce and improve healing.

If you find that you are worried at all about your scars it would be best to visit your surgeon to make sure that the healing process is progressing as it should. They would have the best answers about your case. Good luck.

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Scar issue

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Just from the photos, it looks like the incision has spread a bit. This might eventually benefit from a scar revision.  

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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