Will this heal soon? I don't want more skin cut off. (photos)

3 weeks since MD cut and sutured an area with a 2 small holes, after mastectomy. Last week another 100cc fill in TE, scab moved after shower and I see another hole. Using muprocin and keeping sports bra and bandaid to cover

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Healing issue

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This will heal but you must have it dressed and supervised by your doctor or at least his/her team 

Post-Op Healing After Augmentation

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All surgical procedures carry some degree of risk Any breast operation can result in changes in sensation. This happens less with lifts than reductions but is still possible Occasionally, minor complications occur and do not affect the surgical outcome. Major complications associated with this procedure are rare. The suitability of the breast lift procedure and specific risks may be determined during your consultation.

#Hypertrophic or #keloid scars can be a problem.  The worst are usually under the breast with an #AnchorLift or inverted “T”.  These can be treated like all thickened scars with re-excision, laser, kenalog/5-FU injections, creams, silicone strips and other methods to reduce and improve healing.

However, with any questions or concerns it is always best to visit your surgeon for evaluation. Always contact your plastic surgeon if you have concerns about post-operative infection, bleeding, swelling, fever, excessive bruising, or any new and sudden changes in the feeling or look of your implants, breasts or incisions.

Wound Issues

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I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty. I recommend that you contact your Plastic Surgeon to advise you/see you about this. Reducing volume would be a logical step as others have suggested, and wound care is best evaluated in person.

All the best 


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Depending on the location of the wound, removing fluid from the expander may be beneficial to avoid putting tension on the wound.  Then after it is fully healed you can expand again.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

Will this heal soon? I don't want more skin cut off.

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Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your healing difficulties. I would definitely reach out to your surgeon to discuss your current wound issues.  It would likely be wise to remove some volume from your tissue expander to avoid tension on the skin and delay expansion until your skin has improved.  Additionally it is important to rule out a possible infection that may be delaying healing.  Hope this helps.

See your surgeon

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It is difficult to say what is going on underneath that Band-Aid.  It is possible that the hole is tracking down all the way to the expander.  You need to be seen by your surgeon so that can be ruled out, as this is a potentially concerning scenario.
Best of luck!

Dr. Subbio
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
Newtown Square/Philadelphia, PA

Call your doctor

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When you have a post operative question, I always want my patients to call me, no matter how often or how trivial you may think it is, you should ask your doctor.

Will this heal soon?

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Thank you for this question.

This wound needs professional care. You should inform your plastic surgeon about your new wounds and have them re-evaluate your situation. Perhaps you should also discuss with your surgeon if your nutrition is optimized at this poitn to heal this wound. Talk to them about protein supplements, vitamin C, Omega-3, and Zinc. There's a few other things that need to be done, but your physician should know what to do... Best, Dr. ALDO

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