When trying on sizers, are actual results 10% smaller?

I am 5'2" 105lbs, no hips, 34A trying to be a full C cup. My doctor recommended the Inspira SRF implants. I am deciding between 295cc and 335cc. When I tried on sizers for the 295cc I was happy with the look but then the coordinator said they will be 10% smaller once they're inside my body. I don't think I'd be happy if they were smaller. The next size up is 335cc. When trying on sizers for 335, it looked too big for my body BUT if it's 10% smaller does it mean it would look like 302cc?

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When trying on sizers, are actual results 10% smaller?

Short answer--Yes! Implants chosen on the outside of the body wearing a stretch bra invariably look smaller when placed under the muscle (which should be proper placement to reduce the biofilm that can stimulate capsular contracture). Thus, adding about 10-15% additional volume to compensate for this submuscular compression is important--or too many patients end up feeling "too small."

Now for the longer answer:

Frankly, it doesn't take too many years of doing lots of breast augmentations and putting in the exact size of implants women choose--only to be told that I "put in the wrong ones"--before the observant surgeon figures this out. 10-15% is usually one implant size larger anyway, and the amount in your case is less than 2 tablespoons additional volume, which is truly a minimally larger amount that couldn't have looked that much bigger than the "perfect" 295cc sizers. But it's enough that some women CAN tell, and they are often bitterly unhappy!

Your surgeon sounds experienced and is right on target with this recommendation. You would be wise to follow both your surgeon's and his coordinator's advice. The implants aren't actually smaller--they just look that way when compressed by your muscles, even with proper muscular release and pocket creation. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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When trying on sizers, are actual results 10% smaller?

Thank you for your question.  This is one posed frequently by women when looking at implants.  In my opinion there is not a 10% loss once implants are placed within the body.  I allow women to try on a range of different implant sizers in the office and then select the implant that best approximates that size in the style and shape implant that they selected.  I would advise you to stick with the sizers that you like the best. Hope this helps.

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