Is It Ok to Use Kinesio Tape After Cellulaze?

Heard that Kinesio tape can help reduce the swelling and bruising associated with Cellulaze. It is ok to have the areas that have been treated wrapped in this tape, then wear the garment over the tape or could this possibly cause complications?

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Is It Ok to Use Kinesio Tape After Cellulaze?

Best to ask your certified CELLULAZE doc. But I see no real issue. BTW where can we obtain it? Regards 


Tried this taping see no real difference between this KINESIO tape and using Hyperfix tape. But Topifoam beats them all, it is a must! 

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Compression therapy after cellulaze

I usually recommend my patients to wear compression garment for 3 week and then to wear Spanx for another 2-3 weeks.  Both the compression garment and Spanx should be snug around your body and should cover the entire treatment area.  If you can wear the garment/Spanx at all times, that would be better; however, you can take them off at night times.  Plastic surgeons differ in our postoperative care and instruction; you should follow your plastic surgeon's advice.

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