What Kinds of Surgery Would Be Recommended to Enhance my Smile? (photo)

My mouth is very small and when I smile I show very little teeth, and in all honesty I just look funny and a little childish. What kinds of surgery would be recommended to make my smile sharper and wider? I also wish my bottom lip didn't cover my teeth as much.

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What to do with small teeth

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Your smile is not bad at all in my opinion . But it seems that you feel it is too small for your face and you'ld like them to make a statement .

There is no surgery needed. There is a process called laser tissue contouring, which you could benefit from and that reduces nd harmonizes the gum line and increases the length of your teeth  from the top at the gingiva or gum.

If you want your teeth larger , longer , brighter , then a cosmetic dentist can give you 8-10 veneers and give a you at so called big beautiful  Hollywood smile line.  



Orange County Dentist

Surgery for smile enhancement

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NONE. I would not do any surgery to correct your smile.  The 2nd photo of your smile is great.   I would not worry about it

NO surgery to Enhance Your Smile

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First of all, you have a beautiful smile when you smile fully as in the 2nd photo. There is NO surgery that I would recommend, other than perhaps a laser gingivoplasty to raise the gum slightly on your teeth, thereby making them appear larger. If you really want them much longer, ask your dentist about Porcelain Veneers.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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