There Are Two Kinds of Fraxel II Machines,mini and Full,what's the Different?THx.

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Fraxel Laser has Refine, Restore, Dual and Repair, not I or II, or mini

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Other brands of fractional laser resurfacing that came to market after Reliant's (now Solta) innovation, may call their lasers by other names.  The Fraxel Refine is used by aestheticians.  Fraxel Resotre is used by physicians and can improve fine lines and some extent of sun spots (darkenings).  Fraxel Dual is a new 1927 nm laser that targets the melanocytes so sundamage pigment change improves with one or two treatments and takes a week of slight peeling to see the beautiful results.  Fraxel Repair is more aggressive fractional carbon dioxide laser resurfacing and requires up to two weeks to heal and has a higher risk of scarring.  Worse sundamage may improve with this laser than the Resotre.

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