Safest Whitening Tablets?

What Kind of Whitening Tablets to Use That are Not Dangerous?

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Tooth Whitening must be done carefully.....and professionally

The most effective way to whiten teeth is to have it done by a professional with an in-office treatment (usually completed in a  hour) or to have customized whitening trays fabricated by your dental professional.

The peroxide gels used to whiten teeth are most effective at higher strengths, usually >  20%.   The whitening products  you can buy over the counter (white strips, whitening mouthwashes, etc.) have peroxide strengths less than 20% (sometimes, far less!), which means that it takes longer to achieve a result similar to what you may get professionally.  When one uses these peroxide agents for a long period of time, the possibility of developing mouth sores, ulcers and/or blisters on your lips increases significantly.  I recently had a young woman walk into my office with a mouthful of ulcers.  After a thorough history, she informed us that she had been using over-the-counter white strips for the past 2 weeks.  We advised that she stop using the whitening strips immediately and within 10 days, her mouth ulcers healed completely.

Whitening tablets (i.e., oral probiotics) do not have sufficient clinical data (re: whitening) warranting recommendation by any clinical provider.  

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Pills sound like a gimic to me...

Whitening should be done safely in a dental office or at home using dental office strenth gel that fits into a custom tray. Pills go thru the stomach and will not be able to whiten your teeth..Sorry...

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist
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What are the safest teeth whitening pills to use?

To be honest, i am not familar with any pills that would whiten your teeth .  Teeth are usually whitent by one form of bleaching method or another.  They can be done professionally in a dental office with trays and gel and under his supervision. You can also have trays made and your dentist can give you a whitening gel to take home to use under his directions. You can also buy over the counter products which are somewhat effective, but the gel does not have the percentage of peroxide to bring them up to the shade your probably desire.  There  are also whitening pens on the market and a really neat whiteing pen and a lip gloss on the other end of the case with a blue glow that makes your teeth even look whiter.  There are many different products out there...and i am sorry, but i have never heard of a pill to do this trick! There are whitening rinses but they are not on the tooth surace long enough to do much good.  I would go to a dentist and find one with the correct percentage that works for your teeth and your mouth.  They are all safe under the proper supervision!  Good luck and i hope you find what you are looking for!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist
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Teeth Whitening is normally done with gels

My only knowledge of tablets is for cleaning dentures and not teeth.  All denture cleaners are safe to use, if used as directed.

People that want white teeth usually bleach them or cover them with porcelain veneers.  Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gels are the most common method, but will always have unpredictable results (some people won't lighten as much as they desire, no matter how much they bleach).  Porcelain veneers allow people to have the exact color, shape, length and width of their teeth.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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Evora Plus

Evora Plus is a new product that consists of Probiotics, or "good" bacteria that by populating the mouth keeps the population of "bad" bacteria down.  One of the most powerful and unique properties of the probiotic blend used in Evora Plus is their ability to release a low level form of hydrogen peroxide as a normal by-product. The continuous low doses of hydrogen peroxide created by the Probiora3 blend of beneficial bacteria naturally whiten teeth without creating tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. 

Tom Hedge, DDS
Houston Dentist
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