What Kind of Tummy Tuck Would I Be Getting? Cost? Working?

i'm 5"1, 112 pounds, relatively petite. i had my son about 14 months ago and i have a loose pouchi had breast augmentation a month ago and would like to get a tummy tuck. which one would i be getting, a mini? since i'm small? im not chunky or anything, i just have excess skin. if a min, can i go back to work asap? after My breast augmentation i was at work with no discomfort 2 days cost for whichever tuck I would be getting? i live in suburbs on Chicago

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Kind of Tummy Tuck

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Without a physical examination and consultation to explore your objectives, lifestyle, and lifestage, there is no basis to make an appropriate judgement. After a tummy tuck, you can generally resume light actitivities in a week to 2 weeks.

Mini-tummy tuck

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Dear Frenchvanillabeanlatte,

well, you do not provide 2 essentials: a picture and if you are finished with having children.

without these infos, it is difficult to answer.

if you think of having more children, then liposuction will address your mid-section contouring, but without cutting skin or tightening muscles. you will be back on your feet the next day, and if done on a Saturday, you will not miss any work days.

if you are finished with children, and are "pouchy", then a mini tuck with or without sliding of the umbilicus is the next step. you will need at least 1 week off work, and no exercise for 6 weeks.

good luck,

Florence Mussat, MD


Full Tummy Tuck vs. Mini Tummy Tuck

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The best candidates for abdominoplasty have some combination of loose and excess abdominal skin, with a protruding abdomen, and weakened abdominal muscles/fascia.

The “Full” tummy tuck involves removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen and waistline, as well as muscle tightening. Liposuction may be used frequently to achieve better contouring. Patients have a transverse lower abdominal scar and a scar around the belly button. Patients achieve a slimmer, more youthful appearance without the lower abdominal stretch marks and tummy fullness.

A “Mini” tummy tuck usually involves removing a smaller amount of skin in the lower abdomen; liposuction is generally not used, but that would depend upon the individual patient. Muscle plication may be performed in a more limited fashion, in the lower abdomen; other times muscle plication is not used. The lower abdominal transverse scar is often shorter in length and there is no scar around the belly button.

The type of tummy tuck you need is determined by your evaluation. Your surgeon will consider skin laxity in the upper and lower abdomen, the amount of excess fat, the location of the belly button, and the degree of fascial laxity or rectus diastasis.

Your recovery and return to work will obviously be based upon the type of surgery you have. Muscle plication adds some discomfort to the recovery and requires a longer recovery period.

Best wishes, Ken Dembny

Type of tummy tuck

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It is impossible to determine the type of surgery you would require without an examination.The options range from a mini with skin only excised to a full abdominoplasty with extensive muscle plication. The recovery is very different depending on what is done at surgery. Without muscle plication you would have minimal disruption in you activity while with extensive muscle plication you would need to avoid heavy lifting for several months.

Significant loose skin warrants a full tummy tuck

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The recovery between a full or a mini tummy tuck can be very similar so you will not save much time if the full is what you need. For most, significant skin laxity will warrant a full tummy tuck to get the contour right. Our full tummy tuck patients go without drains, and can back to work within a weeks time.

Being short doesn't mean you need a mini tummy tuck

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The right kind of TT can only be determined in person, but being a "mini" sized person doesn't equate to needing a "mini" TT.  It all depends on what is happening in the upper abdomen because if the muscles are loose or there is excess skin up there, a mini will not work.  Very few patients are great miniTT candidates.

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