What Kind of Treatment for Overbite? (photo)

My dentist has just referred me to an orthodontist because he said my overbite/deepbite needs to be corrected (it's wearing down my teeth). How long does this treatment usually take and what is involved? I'm 21... here are some pictures. Thank you!

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Orthodontic treatment is best

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I would recommend that you see and orthodontist as well.  I wonder too if you have any allergies, or breathing issues.  How well do you sleep?  There is a strong correlation between deep overbite, retruded lower jaw, narrow dental arches, high vault to the palate that can predispose a person to sleep apnea.  For good stability in you final result you should be sure to look into this aspect of your care.  I would advise against the removal of teeth to perform this, and try to have the orthodontist expand your dental arches.


Good luck.

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