What Kind of Treatment Will Eliminate a Nose Piercing Scar?

I have a raised scar from piercing my nose three times. How can I eliminate or reduce the scar? What is the average cost of the treatment? Thank you

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Raised scars respond to lasers and injections

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In my practice we typically start with injections of 5-fluorouracil and kenalog with or without Vbeam pulsed dye laser. Later a resurfacing laser such as Fraxel restore or repair can be used to improve the scar.

Charlotte Dermatologist

Dealing with a raised Nose piercing Scar

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A scar cannot be magically erased. Once you have a scar the best we can hope for is revise the scar hoping to get a flatter, less obvious scar. The cost would vary significantly based on where you live from as low as 500 to 2,000 dollars. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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