Can I Have Surgery for Craniosynostosis at Age 17?

hi my name is lara.I'm 17 years old and i'm suffering from an untreated craniosynostosis condition (coronal) .my parents decided not to help me when i was a baby and now i'm living with their mistake .I'm living in hell ,i never felt happy and i cant get a normal life with a head shaped like this .I really want to have a reconstructive surgery now but before i talk to my parent i want to know if there is any chance that i can have it at this age ? because i'm so afraid to disappointed from doctor.

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Best Age for Cranial Synostosis Surgery

The ideal timing for surgery is prior to 3 months of age when a less- invasive, microscopic procedure can be used that results in a smaller incision, less blood loss and a shorter hospital stay than the traditional corrective surgery. All children with multiple suture synostosis require emergency treatment in the first two weeks of life. Early surgical intervention is advised because the bones of the skull are easy to work with at this age, and the covering of the brain, known as the dura, can make bone on its own. Moreover, the growing brain can continue to reshape the skull and face after the surgery. Although surgery is done early in life, there is no upper age limit to surgery. Consult a neurosurgeon if you are considering surgery.

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