What Kind of Substance is Retained Under my Eyes (Eyebags)?

I'm 23. When I do a wink, the skin under my eye becomes tens and a kind of bag (prominent) appears in the inside corned. When I press on it, it reduces and than comes back slowly. Sometimes I can see that a part of the 'liquid' is moving under the skin. Normally, without winking, my under eyes look swollen, more on the right eye. Recently people says that I look tired, swollen etc... That's why I a noticed that phenomenon. Could someone tell me what kind of liquid it is ? Fat, Water ? Thanks

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Baggy lower lids

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There are 3 fat pads located in the lower eyelids.  Over time , they tend to herniated outwards and create the puffiness or bags.  Normal physiologic fluid shift in and out of these bags causes them to look worse on some days.  A transconjunctival approach lower lid blepharoplasty can address this issue.  Make sure any allergies or any other medical conditions like your thyroid are addressed first

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Eyebags surgery, eyebags filler

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Lower eyelid bags may be caused by bulging of the fat below the eye or hypertrophied eyelid muscles.

These can be treated with fillers such as Restylane, fat injections or surgery.

Please consult in person with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making any treatment decisions.

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Under Eyelid Bags

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          The substance that is readily mobile like you describe would be most commonly fat.  However, without examining you or seeing pictures, it would be impossible to state for sure.  If this is fat and the skin is taut, a transconjunctival lower eyelid surgery (surgery done through the inside of the lid so no scars) could be performed.

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