Will a Brazilian Butt Lift Help with Loose Skin in the Buttocks?

I was over weight and I have a bit of skin loose where my butt is attached directly to my hip and am planning to do liposuction and fat transfer so will this help me to have a Brazillian butt? shall i consider anything else along with the Fat transfer? and how long the fat will remain in my butt?

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Brazilian Butt enhancement

Without examination it is difficult to give you all the options available.

A fat transfer, liposuction  may be one part of what you need after a massive weight loss. The amount of lift to the buttocks after fat transfer may be limited and the location of the loose skin may not be in the buttock but around it and therefore you will need a lift.

Remember Buttock enhancement and reshaping involves the complete analysis of the body, the buttocks and the fat distribution as well as the skin. The success of Brazilian butt enhancement involves all of that. It requires an experienced Board certified plastic surgeon to give you a complete analysis and recommendations.

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