Can anyone be kind to send me a list of the things I need, for my bbl and lipo?

I know the about the vitamins I just don't know how much of it . Please help

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BBL and instructions

Each surgeon has different instructions. It is best to ask your surgeon for instructions that he prefers.

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Can anyone be kind to send me a list of the things I need, for my bbl and lipo?

Thank you for your question .

Your question is really what one can do to prepare for any surgery. First and foremost follow your surgeons directions. Most important is to avoid things that can hurt you such as aspirin and Advil etc. Check with your surgeon about any prescription medications.

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BBL Instructions

Unfortunately each surgeon is different in their protocol and this should be reviewed with your surgeon personally. For example, my patients discuss my pre and post-op recommendations with me personally, and then they are given easy to follow written instructions. They are also free to call or email me with specific questions about medicines, vitamins, dressings, etc. You should expect the same service from your surgeon as well. Give him/her a call.

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