What Kind of Scars on the Face Will eMatrix Help?

How does eMatrix work on face scars as compared to other skin resurfacing and smoothing procedures? How effective and deep is it as compared to other alternatives?

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EMatrix and scarring

eMatrix addresses texture problems. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, and facial scarring, such as that from acne. You would need to see a physician for a consultation depending upon what kind of scarring you want to address. 


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What kind of scars does eMatrix improve ?

Thank you for your question. The answer will help guide others who are trying to find out what types of scars can be treated with eMatrix.

I personally do not have many patients with burn scars but eMatrix has been shown to help those scars.

Ematrix can help with atrophic scars, box car scars, some ice pick scars depending on the depth to width ratio, rolling scars and good old fashioned scars from cuts and surgery.

Dr. Karamanoukian

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Ematrix in Santa Monica

Ematrix is an excellent RF procedure that helps reduce the visibility of acne scarring. The system uses RF energy and is considered a sublative treatment, unlike ablative fractional lasers. We continue to see very positive results with the Ematrix. 

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Ematrix choice for scars or other?

Your skin type and genetic heritage will play a large part in the choice of resurfacing technology. Ematrix is not a laser, so does not function the same way. Primarily, it's a preferred option for anyone who has skin that contains a lot of pigment as it does a very good job of bypassing the layer of skin that contains your melanin cells.

A laser creates heat along its entire path into the skin. This is why skins that easily tan also will more easily become hyper-pigmented following laser. The heat going through the melanin layer activates the melanin cells.

If a laser is the best option, your physician would likely pre-treat your skin with melanin suppressors to reduce the post laser incidence of what we refer to as post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

Different lasers reach different depths and your physician can explain best the expected skin response and healing each would require.

Ematrix uses radio frequency which delivers energy beyond that melanin layer. The results in diminishing the scars is reduced somewhat, but anyone who has issues from pigmentation may prefer a more limited approach over the potential aggravation of having to deal with brown patches.

Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
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...ideally rolling and atrophic scars, early scars

In theory, Ematrix can help with all sort of scars, including atrophic, box car, ice pick, rolling, and traumatic scars, including burn scars. It works using rf or radiofrequency to help break down old collagen, scars, and remodels collagen. 

The early the treatment (early scars respond best), the better the result. 


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EMatrix for Facial Scarring

EMatrix is an option for decreasing scarring with little to no downtime.  There are other options that you should discuss with you plastic surgeon.

Craig Mezrow, MS, MD, FACS
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