What Kind of Scarring is This and What Are my Options? (Photo)

I've had otoplasty done a few years ago and overall I'm happy with the results. Except now I'm not self concious about people looking at me head on but from behind. What kind of scars are these and what are my treatment options? This is on one ear, it also scarred on the other ear but not in the same way. I'd went back to my surgeon awhile ago and he said it wasn't a keloid and cut off what was there, but its back (it looked similar if not worse now.) Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Keloid scarring after correction of prominent ears

You have been very unlucky and developed keloid scars behind your ears - the appearance of them and the fact that they came back after being excised proves that they are keloids. They are very difficult to treat - in fact, there is no cure for them. 

Treatments usually consist of steroid injections directly into the scar to try and soften and shrink the scar. In extreme cases the scars can be cut out with radiotherapy given to the area, but this is usually only reserved for really problematic scars.


Good luck with your quest to have the scar treated


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Keloid After Otoplasty

A keloid is an overgrowth of scar from an incision.  The approach to a keloid is injection with kenalog in regular intervals.  In some cases, excision of a keloid may be required.  Seek an opinion from your surgeon in regards to best management of this.

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Keloid Scar after Otoplasty

This appears to be a keloid scar. A keloid scar is scarring that grows outside the boundaries of the original incision. It is seen more frequently in those with darker skin types, but can also be seen in Caucasians on occasion. The treatment for keloids is typically surgical removal followed by serial injections of steroids. There are some other immunomodulators out there such as imiquimod but this is not widely available. I would stay away from radiation as that can reduce keloiding, but can also lead to unpredictable results down the road from radiation exposure.

Michael Kim, MD

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You appear to have developed a keloid scar behind your ear after Otoplasty Surgery.

Your photo demonstrates a typical-appearing keloid scar, and scarring like you have is a well-documented risk associated with otoplasty surgery.

Your options include surgical removal and / or triamcinolone acetonide (steroid) injections. I doubt steroid injections would make this scar completely disappear, but it may soften and become less sensitive or itchy. It may be reasonable to start with a steroid injection to see what type of response you may get, and reserve excision as a last resort since keloid scars are notorious for recurring.

All the best to you.

Dr. Joseph

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It looks that you have keloids.

See your plastic surgeon for options to treat keloids scars. You have several options.

Steroid injections, scar revision, combination of scar revision and steroid injections.

Samir Shureih, MD
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