What Kind of Rhinoplasty Would You Recommend? (photo)

Dear all,in my opinion my nose is too large, too long, too bulbous at the tip and the nostrils are way too large. worst: in my profile the nose always sticks out since it is so much longer than the lower part of my face (chin) and it is turned upwards like a slide. i'd love it to be small and shorter to fit the rest of my face. I love the look of winona ryder's and natalie portman's noses after their surgeries - is there any way this could possibly be achieved? Many thanks for your thoughts!

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Tip reduction is possibe and would help you

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I would agree with your assessment that your tip is prominent in relationship to the rest of your nose and face.  The tip can be reduced in projection (how far it sticks out from the face) and width with structural rhinoplasty techniques.  The degree of change must be balanced against the surrounding anatomy of the nose (bridge and middle vault) as well as your skin type (your skin must be able to contract enough to drape smoothly and tightly over the reduced infrastructure of your nose).  With regard to tip aesthetics--the attached video may be helpful to further explain.

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