Best Rhinoplasty Technique for a Huge Nose

What Kind of Rhinoplasty Can I Forgo, I Have a Huge Nose and Hate It....

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Rhinoplasty technique for a large nose

The rhinoplasty operation is performed to refine, feminize, and modify the existing nasal cartilage and bone. If the patient has thick skin, this will not change. Narrowing of the nasal bones is done with osteotomies. A hump is removed by rasping the bridge down. There are multiple different tip techniques that include removal of cartilage from the tip along with sewing the tip cartilages together as in transdomal or interdomal suturing tip techniques. The net effect is a more feminine and refined nasal tip.  

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Best Rhinoplasty Technique

 Pick an excellent, experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, not the technique. Reduction rhinoplasty can be done many  ways; your surgeon will decide what is best for you. He/she will explain alternatives.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Rhinoplasty is a creative, individualized procedure

Techniques in rhinoplasty have evolved over the past 30 years from a gross reduction in the size of the nose to modification of the proportions and angles of the nose.  Importantly, each rhinoplasty is individualized, with no two people having exactly the same procedure.  Choose a surgeon who will spend a full hour with you and I recommend computer imaging so that you can better understand what the surgeon plans to do and the surgeon better understands your desires.  Make sure all your questions are answered before surgery.  Choose a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc. and make sure that your surgeon performs rhinoplasty regularly.

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What is reduction rhinoplasty?

Dear rhinoplasty patient from Dallas,
Reduction rhinoplasty is the medical term used to describe nasal surgery intended to reduce the overall size of the nose. Looking at limited picture of your nose, an open rhinoplasty is a good option. You need to find a surgeon in your area who specializes in rhinoplasty. Good luck

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Reduction rhinoplasty for a large nose

The choice of the approach, either open or closed depends to some extent on the preference of the surgeon and your needs. The size of the nose itself does not dictate the type of approach required. It seems as if your tip is quite large and can be reduced from either approach. If you want more of a sculpted tip, then an open approach might be necessary. I hope this information helps.

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Best Rhinoplasty Technique for a Huge Nose

See Dr Jack Gunter in Dallas, he is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in your area. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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There are limits to how small a nose can be made by rhinoplasty.

Your picture demonstrates a large but not huge nose.  A reduction rhinoplasty requires the skin to embrace the changes in the nasal skeleton.  Too much of a reduction in these structures and the skin has nowhere to go but gather up and obscure the results.  This must be discussed carefully with your plastic surgeon before proceediing.

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