What Kind of Revision Would You Suggest? Post Bodylift. (photo)

In January I had a circumferential bodylift (anchor cut). Next week I'll have a thigh lift + breast revision (relift + areolas). I had 2 openings on my tummy, which will be revised in 3 months. My surgeon offered me to revise my upper belly then also, as for I still have excess skin there. He recommended me to not get a reverse tt but to extend the vertical scar up between my breasts. He said this will pull my breasts closer together but would bring the best belly results. Would you agree?

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What Kind of Revision Would You Suggest?

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What has been proposed sound reasonable. But without an exam, I am not sure that just re-doing the TT might not be a better alternative, without needing new incisions. I do note that the result looks quite nice except in the exaggerated posture of the second photo, and leaving this alone might also be acceptable. 

Thanks and best wishes.

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What Kind of Revision Would You Suggest? Post Bodylift.

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Even with the series of posted photos very hard to agree or disagree because your issues are very specific that need in person consultation. I advise a second opinion in person from another boarded PS in your area. BTW reviewing the posted photos shows are very excellent result. 

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