What Kind of Revision is Needed when Your Nasal Dorsum Graft Migrates to the Left ?

What Kind of Revision is Needed when Your Nasal Dorsum Graft Migrates to the Left ?

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Malposition of nasal dorsal graft

Shifted nasal dorsal graft requires revision surgery. Whether the open or closed technique used will depend on the surgeon's preference. Whether allograft (such as silastic) or homograft (one's own tissue) was used. It may require re-positioning of the old graft or using a different one. In general, it is not one of the more complicated revisions. Good luck.

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What Kind of Revision is Needed when Your Nasal Dorsum Graft Migrates to the Left ?

At the minimum, IMHO, a Revision Rhinoplasty is required to elevate the nasal tissues, identify the dorsal graft and make the necessary changes which could include repositioning (and securing) the existing graft or remove the existing graft and replace it with another type.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Revision after Migration of Nasal Dorsal Graft

Exactly what will be necessary to reposition your graft will depend on what was used to augment your nose. The surgeon who does your revision will also determine if the deviation or asymmetry is secondary to movement of the graft or an underlying structural problem. Regardless, this can be corrected.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Nasal dorsal graft

If your nasal dorsal graft has slipped and moved to one side, it may eed to be repositioned and secured in a better fashion to keep it straight. Sometimes grafts warp and this may be the problem.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Revision for nasal dorsum graft that has migrated

The graft will need to be removed, shaved down, and reinserted into the proper anatomical pocket so that the graft has a normal appearance.

William Portuese, MD
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Dorsal nasal graft/rhinoplasty

It is not possible to answer your question with the information given.  The type of graft, time since surgery, and degree of displacement are important bits of information.  Most dorsal nasal grafts are cartilage and are obtained from the nasal septum.  If there is significant displacement, it is likely that a revision rhinoplasty will be required.  I would recommend that you visit your surgeon to discuss your options in detail. Good luck.

Eric T. Emerson, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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