Could I Replace the Cartilage Behind my Ear to Give It a More Upward/higher Slant?

The cartilage behind my ears are formed in a way that makes them look low. Are there ways to reshape the already existing cartilage to make them bend more upward or get the cartilage removed & replaced by pieces of rib. The cartilage comes out from the side of my head at a 90deg angle, but not protruding. I'd like the cartilage to come closer to my head & also have it reshaped to where the cartilage bends upward to make my ear higher than it is now. Pinning back would just keep it at same height

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Otoplasty to make ears to stand higher because ears are low

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It would really depend on how your ears look. It sounds like the ear is a cupped type of appearance. There are ways to reshape the ear to make it stand up higher. I would think though that pinning the ear in the upper part of the ear and creating that bend at that location could help it stand up higher. This would really depend on what your ears actually look like. But the can be done.

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Reshaping the ear

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Hi Markopolo,

There are a number of was to do what your are asking but it is difficult to describe specific techniques without some photos.  Generally cartilage can be reshaped by suture technique or with cartilage grafting from other parts of the ear or opposing ear.

Best of luck

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