What Kind of Procedure is Needed for Narrowing the Nose? (photo)

I am looking to get rhinoplasty done. I am from middle eastern descent. I want to resolve issues, such as my nostril flaring, and overall width of my nose as i think it is too wide (especially the tip) I would like a more defined tip and nose. I have enclosed two pictures. The first picture is my current nose. The second picture is an edited version of what i would like my nose to be. What procedures need to be done in order for me to achieve this desired result? Please advice. Thanks. Andy.

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Rhinoplasty can narrow your Middle Eastern notes

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Thank you for submitting your question and photographs. A standard open rhinoplasty can be done to narrow the bones, remove any,, and cartilage grafts harvested from the septum can be used to refine your nasal tip.

Your desired result photo shows the columella, the tissue between your nostrils to be hanging too low. Please ask your plastic surgeon about this as the caudal or bottom edge of your nasal septum can be resected to allow the tip to rotate upward and lessen the hanging of the columella.

Rhinoplasty is the procedure to narrow the nose

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The rhinoplasty operation is performed to reduce any nasal hump that may be present.  The hump is usually composed of bone and cartilage that is easy to shave down.  Sidewalls of the nose are then narrowed through osteotomies, which will narrow the upper 2/3 of the nasal bridge line.  There are many different techniques to change the nasal tip, such as a small removal of tip cartilage and sometimes suturing the tip cartilages together to narrow a bulbous tip.  Alarplasties are performed to reduce nostril flaring.  It is important to have the nose not only balance with itself but with all your facial features as well.

Rhinoplasty for Middle Eastern Nose

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  There are a few typical ethnic type of noses that require specific surgical techniques to achieve the desired result. Middle Easter nose is one subtype.  In your particular case at least two techniques would be needed to achieve your goals.  First, reshaping of the nasal bony pyramid, second, some type of autologous cartilage grafts to define and support your tip. You want to make sure that your nose appears more refined and elegant, but remains natural and not feminized.   Make sure your surgeon has lots of experience with ethnic noses, do not be shy requesting evidence of surgeons track record of success with these type of rhinoplasty, such as, more than just a few photos, or even patient recommendation.

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Your posted photos indicate you desire a left to right narrowing of the entire nose (bridge and tip). These goals are achieveable using common rhinoplasty techniques such as infracture of the bone sidewalls and wedge excision inside the nostrils. Given the amount of nostril show on frontal view in your current nose picture though you need to be careful of the risk of feminizing your nose. To prevent this you need to retain a pyramid structure after the infracture and rotate the tip to give you slightly less nostril show on the front view in addition to narrowing the alar base.

I hope you realize that this format of posting questions and receiving answers lacks the face to face direct communication required for you to make an informed decision regarding your surgery.

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Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

You require rhinoplasty and Weir excisions to obtain your best result!

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Your photo alterations show reasonable and attainable goals, but will differ slightly from the tissue version after rhinoplasty and Weir excisions.

Consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon should allow you to discuss in detail what your goals are, and what your chosen surgeon can reasonably attempt to achieve on your behalf. Results will NOT match your photgraphic goal exactly, but so long as you understand that, nice improvements can be made. Final healing after surgery takes up to a year, but your nose looks good after a week or two, and continues to subtly improve in softness and definition over 6-12 months. Good luck and best wishes!

Nostril Narrowing

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What you need is a horizontal or intrasill nostril narrowing to reduce the horizontal width of your nostril. Typically this is done with v-incision of the intrasill site of your nostril. The link below describes this technique more thoroughly.

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