Which kind of procedure would be good for a 53 yr. old male who is 350 lbs to reduce fat in stomach, love handles, etc.

He is nervous about anesthesia, and was told cool sculpting, etc. might work. Please help! He does exercise and diets, but has always been overweight. Is there a safe, new lipo band procedure? Or is there something similar to cool sculpting that would reduce fat? Please help!

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Coolsculpting for Fat Reduction but not weight loss

At 350 lbs, you will need to focus on weight loss. Coolsculpting is for nonsurgical fat reduction so it would not be appropriate for you.

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CoolSculpting for weight loss

At 350 lbs, no matter what your height is, you need weight loss, not CoolSculpting. You need to drastically change your current diet and get some nutritional counseling and begin exercising daily.  Other than that, your only option would be bariatric weight loss surgery.  Cut out all forms of sugar and wheat and simple carbs (white potatoes, corn, soda) and stick to all natural foods of simply prepared meats and vegetables and drink water only.  The weight should come off and then other measures can be considered.

Food and inactivity caused the weight gain, and the right high protein, low carbohydrate food and activity will solve it.

Deborah Pan, MD
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Cool Sculpting

I suggest you be evaluated for a surgical weight loss procedure.  Cool Sculpting is not intended as a weight loss treatment.

350 pounds and wieght loss treatments

If the patient is 350 pounds then I would suggest he look into a lap band procedure for weight loss.  CoolSculpting is not indicated for someone overweight.  Please find an experienced surgeon.  It will be a life changing surgery for your friend.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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