What Kind of Procedure Would Be Advisable for my Chin and Jawline? (photo)

I have a rather weak chin and jawline that I'd like to improve. I'm not sure what procedure would be best for me. Please see the picture I added. I was thinking that perhaps jaw implants and and sliding genioplasty would be the right thing to do, combined with a necklift?

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Procedure to create more defined chin and jawline

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A retrusive chin is best treated with a chin implant placed through a submental incision.  A neck lift can also be performed for removal of fat underneath the neck to give a nice 90-degree angle jaw line.  To create the jaw line as shown, both liposuction and a platysmaplasty need to be performed.  Any augmentation of the angle of the jaw would be performed with jaw implants placed through an intraoral incision.

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Thank you for the good photos.  It appears that you would be a candidate for the insertion of a chin implant and liposuction of the neck.  Those procedures would definitely give you a more defined, stronger jaw profile.

David Alessi, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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CHin Implant is low risk, high reward

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Thank you for the photo, we can do so much more with the patients questions when we have a few photos. In your profile we all agree you have a weak profile. A simple silicone implant would to the trick. A little submental liposuction would also be helpful. Incision would be below the chin in a crease line, or intraoral. The key is to put in a sufficiently large implant to make the added length to your chin profile. Recovery would be short but expect a little chin numbness as a normal part of the recovery.

Charles Virden, MD
Reno Plastic Surgeon
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Increasing Chin and Jawline Definition

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Chin augmentation with a silicone implant and submental liposuction would give you a excellent result. You do not need a sliding genioplasty which is a much bigger procedure.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin implant and liposuction of the neck work very well together.

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Just gong by  your picture, you should  do well with relatively simple surgery.  It doesn't look like you need genioplasty.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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