What Kind of Orthodontic Procedure Would You Recommend for Two Small Gaps?

I happen to have 1 small gap on both my right and left side (so a total of two) between my lateral incisors and my canine teeth, and I wanted advise on which kind of procedure would be appropriate for my mild gap case. I'm 19 years old so I want something discreet preferably. I would really appreciate any feedback, Thank you!

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Clear braces

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Spaces like yours can usually be closed with some type of orthodontic treatment.  Clear braces like SimpliClear or removable braces like Invisalign can usually be used with little visibility to bother you.

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Correcting small gaps

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Often a gap of this kind is caused from the lateral incisors being too narrow.  If this is the case then filling in the gap with bonding or veneers is the best solution so that your smile is harmonious. If the lateral incisors are of normal width then this type of gap can be fixed easily with clear aligners (Invisalign, etc.) or even conventional braces.

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