What Kind of Operation Would I Benefit? I Would Like to Have a Better Jawline and Chin. (photo)

Hello, i am a 23 year old model, with my work i always get to hear you have a bad jawline and stick your neck out. The problem is i think, that i have a thick neck and my jawline goes fast into my neck. Also when i have a beard then i have a bit off a double chin. I am thinking of maybe a sliding genioplasty (to also lengthen my chin downwards to get a smaller face) or a chin implant. how about a Necklift? no fat 10% (maybe tighten or cut muscles) or jaw implants. Thank you already for the response!

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Improving jawline and chin

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Probably the most straight forward least invasive way to provide you with chin augmentation and a stronger jawline would be with a series of implants.  A semi-solid silicone rubber chin implant to augment the chin and jaw angle implants to strengthen the jaw line.  After these are placed, it is unlikely that any "necklift" work will be indicated.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton.com 

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Sliding Genioplasty and Jaw Angle Implants For Better Jawline

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Much of your jawline concerns would be improved by chin augmentation. I would agree that a sliding genioplasty is the best approach to your chin augmentation as some vertical lengthening with increased horizontal projection is the most positive chin change. You may also benefit by jaw angle implants as your description of 'my jawline goes fast into my neck'  implies lack of well-defined jaw angles. The combination of a sliding genioplasty with jaw angle implants will create a much better jawline all the way around. You certainly don't need any neck muscle work or llift to help male your jawline more pronounced.

Weak chin profile

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A small or medium sized silastic cheek implant would give a natural projection to the chin.  A small amount of liposuction of fat underneath the chin area would help remove fat in the neck.

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Improving the Jawline and Chin with Genioplasty or Implant

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            Chin implant would certainly improve your profile and give the illusion of a stronger jawline.  The implant would also tend to camouflage the double chin look.  If you have any amount of supraplatysmal fat (hard to tell from picture), this could be liposuctioned for additional improvement.

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