What Kind of Nose Procedures Does Not Require Osteotomies?

What kind of nose procedures does not require osteotomies (bone cuts)? what about narrowing nostril or tip of the nose?

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Nose procedure that does not require osteotomies

The alarplasty and tip plasty will not require osteotomies.  Osteotomies are performed when the nasal bones are wide or and need to be narrowed.  The other reason osteotomies are performed is because, when a dorsal hump is removed, an open roof flat-topped nose will result and must be narrowed and appropriately balanced.

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Rhinoplasty and osteotomy

Not all rhinoplasty procedures require  osteotomies. It all depends upon what type of dorsal bone work is needed,.

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Rhinoplasty without osteotomy

I would say it is much less common to perform a rhinoplasty without an osteotomy than with an osteotomy. It is a rare patient that does not need some bony work such as hump reduction, narrowing the nose or straightening the profile. That being said, if you only require tip work or work on narrowing the nostrils than osteotomies or bony work may not be required. Keep in mind though that narrowing the nostrils without narrowing the nasal bones may create a disparity in the appearance.

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What Kind of Nose Procedures Does Not Require Osteotomies?

Osteotomies (cutting the nasal bones) are typically performed to straighten the nose, narrow the nose or to bring the nasal bones back together after a bump has been removed from the bridge. If those maneuvers are not performed (for example, if only the tip is being refined) then osteotomies should not be required. I hope this information is helpful.

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When Osteotomies Are Required?


Typically, osteotomies are used when nasal bones/cartilages are targeted to shorten, narrow and adjust any aspect of the nose.

However, every patient is different and it is not possible to generalize a certain approach on every patient; your question is very broad and only through physical examination that a surgeon is able to determine if osteotomies are necessary.

What should be important is the outcome of the surgery and not how the surgery is performed.

That being said, please remember that commendable results require an exceptionally skilled surgeon to perform the surgery and settling for anything less than that increases the chances of additional corrective surgeries dramatically.


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Rhinoplasty without Osteotomies

Osteotomies are not necessary in any rhinoplasty procedure that does not include changing the size or position of the nasal bones.

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Rhinoplasty and Osteotomies

Osteotomies are designed to narrow the bones of the nose. This can be used in many different circumstances depending on the needs of the patient. Dont concern yourself with the techniques, but with the surgeon performing the procedure. There are textbooks written about your question and you need to have a detailed conversation with the doctor who is performing your surgery rather than the techniques being used.

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What Types of Nasal Surgeries Don't Require Osteotomies (Modilizing Nasal Bones)

Each Rhinoplasty Case is different and must be treated so but I will try to present some general situations when Osteotomies may or may not required.

Osteotomies are usually required during the Rhinoplasty Procedure when:

  • The bridge of the nose is twisted after injury
  • The bridge of the nose is very wide or depressed in comparison to the tip 
  • There is a large hump on the bridge of the nose
  • The bridge of the nose is large or seems out of proportion with the tip

Oseteotomies may not be required during Rhinoplasty Procedures when:

  • The bridge of the nose is small in comparison to the tip
  • The tip is excessively bulbous or large
  • The bridge is narrow with no real hump
  • The bridge is straight

These are not fixed rules but they focus on the final goal of placing the tip in proportion to the bridge thus giving a better chance of a favorable result.  



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The nasal tip (which also influences the nostrils) contains cartilage and not bone.  Therefore, nasal tip rhinoplasty work alone does not require osteotomies.

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Rhinoplasty does not always involve osteotomies (cuts in the bone)

Rhinoplasty is customized to the every person. Tip rhinoplasty is a term used when only the lower portion of the nose is changed, and involves the mobile part of the nose containing mostly cartilage. Changes to the tip and nostrils can be done without much of the swelling and bruising as a result of cuts in the upper, bony part of the nose.

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