What Kind of Neck Lift Procedure Do I Need? (photo)

Do I need a lipo/ lipo w/ skin removal/ muscle tightening/ or all 3? Would a lipo w/ a chin implant a better option? I want a smoother neck with a stronger jawline. Thanks

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The best approach in your case, as in many cases, involves all three.  Liposuction removes the excess fat.  Muscle tightening eliminates the bands that firm under the chin and improves neck contour.  Skin tightening will remove loose skin.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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What Kind of Neck Lift Procedure Do I Need?

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   Liposuction will help to some degree.  The most dramatic effect would probably result from chin implant and neck lift.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Neck lift or lip

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Thank you for sharing your case. I think you are a great candidate for SmartLipo of the neck which will allow to remove the adipose tissue and tighten your skin improving the transverse lines significantly. A chin implant will also help but my preference in your case would be fat transfer to you chin and mandibular area since it allows me to better contour your jaw line. Hope this helps. 

Neck Lift Vs Chin Implant

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Based on your photos, a combination of what you suggest is probably correct. A chin implant would help define the jawline but redraping with a neck lift and possibly laser resurfacing can help with lines on the surface and also tighten the skin for a sharper chin and jawline. Certainly, liposuction of the neck can eliminate some of the excess fatty tissue if that's a problem (it's hard to tell exactly what I'm looking at from your photos).  I often do all three of these procedures at one time in my New Jersey plastic surgery office in Teaneck. 

Laurence M. Milgrim, MD
Teaneck Facial Plastic Surgeon

Neck lift

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You may want to consider liposuction to the neck and jowl line .This adds to your definition of the neck and chin. A fat fill to the chin or an implant will better define the chin. All the best

Jawline and neck liposuction can give great results

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Liposuction under local anesthesia really can trim up your jawline and under the chin so easily and quickly for roughly $2500 on special and be back to work in as little as 2 days. Usually no labs are needed and you can drive yourself home afterwards. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Neck lift bersus liposuction and chin implant

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I agree with the other comments.  You look like you would be a good candidate for  an anatomic conforming chin implant and neck lipsuction.  both would be done through a small submental incision. Small incisions under the ear lobes may enhance results with liposuction under the jawline.  A formal neck lift is not necessary. Some filler in your marionette fold may also enhance your result. 

Philip Solomon, MD, FRCS
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Necklift options

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Looking at your photos, it appears you are a good candidate for a chin implant and  neck liposuction.  I would need to feel your neck to assess elasticity to see if you need a necklift to remove excess skin, or if you can get away with the two procedures above.

Kenneth M. Toft, MD
Roseville Facial Plastic Surgeon

What kind of Neck lift?

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Your face looks relatively youthful and you don't seem to have a lot of skin laxity.  Due to a low Hyoid bone in the neck, you have moderate fat accumulation in the neck that is giving you the "double chin"appearance and combined with a slightly weak chin it takes away from a more attractive neck line.  A Neck lift is not necessary and if you are concerned about the horizontal wrinkles in the neck, a Neck lift will not correct those.  All you need is Liposuction of the neck combined with a small Chin Implant through a small incision in the natural crease under the chin.

What Kind of Neck Lift Procedure Do I Need?

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 From the photos provided, the chin is weak and in that scenario it's always best to augment the chin with a Chin Implant following the proper aesthetics of facial beauty.  The increased volume of chin allows better re-drape of the submental neck tissue as you age.  

 The face and neck both show excess fatty tissue that would respond well to micro-liposuction.  While you could do a limited skin removal of submental neck skin...a formal Neck Lift could not be done IMHO without also do a minimal incision Face Lift.  This is due to the vector of tissue elevation that would otherwise cause visible pleats, of tissue, below and behind the earlobe.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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