What Kind of Marks Do Supernumerary/accessory/extra/third Nipple Removal Leave Behind?

I got mine removed through a skin doctor about a year ago. My doctor "scooped" my nipple out and stitch back the skin. As my stitches healed, my skin near my stitches turned to a color similar to the old nipple. Now, the nipple looks like it grew back but deformed and a bit enlarged. My ethnicity is Asian and people say Asian skin heals with discoloration and darkening. Should my healed scar look like the photo? What are the tendencies of appereance after healing from a true removal procedure?

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Removal of accessory nipple

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Removal of an accessory nipple is pretty straightforward. it is performed under a local anaesthetic and leaves a linear scar. This will be red and lumpy initially and then pale and flatten over time with massage. In your case, it appears you also have some additional pigmentation which will not be affected by the excision of the nipple.


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