What Type of Lift Would I Need? (Photo)

I am considering of having a lifting procedure combined with implants, I am very concerned about the scars, but according with the shape of my breast, what kind of liftind do you think I need?? any suggestion will be really appreciated Thanks

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Breast lift option

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Dear Kia,

Although, I understand you wish to be larger, please consider the following. I have done countless breast procedures in my time and have come to one conclusion. Breast implants are eventually disfiguring. They ultimately stretch your tissues regardless of where they are placed. Women who have undergone a breast lift with implants return to have yet another lift because they have been stretched out once again-only they have an even larger problem than before. A breast lift if done properly will give the appearance of larger breasts. The Ultimate Breast Lift will reshape your existing breast tissue and permanently attach it to your chest to minimize downward migration. The new breast mound is high, firm and perky, simulating an implant. An added benefit of this technique is that there is NO VERTICAL SCAR. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Dr. H

What kind of a breast lift do you need?

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The first thing you need to understand if you are concerned about scars is that there WILL be scarring, regardless of the procedure.  A "donut" lift, which only goes around the areola only gives you scars around the areola, but is limited in the effective lift that you will achieve.  A donut lift is more limited in nature than a "lollipop" lift, or an "anchor" lift, both of which are more aggressive, but the scars go around the areola and down the breast, and will extend along the base in the case of the anchor lift.  Based on your photos, and especially if scarring is a concern of yours, you may be able to get a nice result with a donut lift.  However, I would be very conservative with the size implants you choose as larger implants will cause sagging to recurr.  I would recommend that you be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon to help you determine which is the best option for you.

Types of Breast Lift

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In my opinion, you require a full lift on both sides.  It is important to place the nipple at the highest point of the implant and only a full lift will achieve this for you.  However, there are many different opinions as you can see from the comments.  Look at before and after photos of breast implant with lifts and see which ones you like.

Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift options

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Based on your frontal photographs alone you have 3rd degree ptosis on your right breast and 2nd degree ptosis on your left breast.  I would like to see profile (side) photos to verify this.  Also, your right breast is quite a bit larger than your left. It appears you have quite a bit of breast tissue present, just displaced inferiorly. You have many options available and I would suggest you talk with a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience with breast procedures. Here are the options: 

  1. Asymmetric mastopexy alone (breast lift)
  2. Mastopexy/augmentation ( lift with small implant under the muscle)
  3. Augmentation (Silicone implant on top of the muscle)
  4. Asymmetric Mastopexy followed by subpectoral augmentation-any size implant, 2 separate procedures.

Look at before and after photographs of women who are built similar to you with all the different options I listed and make the best decision for you based on scaring, cost, appearance, time off of work, experience of the PS,etc.

Good Luck

Breast lift at time of augmentation

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I agree with Dr. Johnson; you only need the lollipop lift with implants- your skin is not too loose, so the anchor scar may be more incisions than necessary.  Good luck!

What Type of Lift Would I Need? (Photo)

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Most expert posters chose a full lift based upon you information and photos. I agree in theory but recommend only in person examination with a boarded PS. 

What Type of Lift Would I Need?

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I am a big fan of the lollipop breast lift.

This lift will cone the breast, narrow the breast base and raise your inframammary fold.

This contrasts with an anchor-style lift which flattens the breast and causes the fold to drop over time. It also results in an additional scar in your crease.

Good luck!


Type of Breast Lift?

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Thank you for the question in pictures.  

I think you will benefit from a “full” mastopexy augmentation procedure. The incisions involved will be placed around the areola, vertically, and possibly horizontally  (short).

Based on experience, I would suggest that your first concern should be obtaining the best results possible (scarring concerns should be secondary).  Most patients undergoing this procedure will accept scarring as long as their overall goals in regards to size, shape, contour and symmetry are met. 

In other words, if you select your surgeon based on  the offer of a “limited scar” procedure you may be disappointed with the results.

It will be very important to communicate your overall goals with your surgeon.  In my practice, the use of photographs of “goal” pictures (and breasts that are too big or too small) is very helpful. I have found that the use of words such as “natural” or “C cup” or "fake looking" or "top heavy" means different things to different people and therefore prove unhelpful. ‚Ä®Also, as you know, cup size varies depending on who makes the bra; therefore, discussing desired cup  size may also be inaccurate. 

Another thing to think about:  should the procedure be done in one stage or a two staged fashion. The combination breast augmentation / mastopexy surgery differs from breast augmentation surgery alone in that it carries increased risk compared to either breast augmentation or mastopexy surgery performed separately. Furthermore, the potential need for revisionary surgery is increase with breast augmentation / mastopexy surgery done at the same time.

In my opinion, the decision  to do the operation in a single or two  staged fashion becomes a judgment call made by a surgeon after direct examination of the patient.  For me, if I see a patient who needs a great degree of lifting, who has lost a lot of skin elasticity, or  whose goal is a very large augmentation then I think it is best to do the procedures in 2 stages (in order to avoid serious complications). However, doing the procedure one stage does increase the risks of complications in general and the potential need for further surgery. This increased risk must be weighed against the practical benefits of a single stage procedure (which most patients would prefer).

Conversely, if I see a patient who requires minimal to moderate lifting along with a small to moderate size augmentation (and has good skin quality), then doing the procedure one stage is much safer. Nevertheless, the potential risks  are greater with a 1 stage  procedure and the patient does have a higher  likelihood of needing revisionary surgery.

I hope this helps.

Types of breast lifts

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Thanks for posting pictures.  It makes the questions and answers much for informative for everyone.  Based on your pictures, I would suggest a full mastopexy - lollipop and anchor incision.  Additionally, the placement of a small implant at the same time will help with upper pole fullness in your breast.  You can talk with your surgeon about different sizes and profiles to meet your needs and your anatomy.


Good Luck.

Full lift for you

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Your anatomy would suggest the need for a full breast lift.  There are many ways to do this and you should go to several surgeons and see whose work looks best to you.  I personally do a central pedicle lift with the inverted T scar as I think it makes the best result in my hands.  But don't get hung up in technique and don't necessarily believe that less scar is always better when it comes to getting the shape you want.

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