What kind of lift/implants do I need after large weight loss?

I recently lost over 80lbs, and my body has really deflated. I am considering getting a breast lift and implants now that I'm almost at my goal weight. My nipples are positioned very low on my breasts. I have a very short distance from my nipple to crease. I don't want a lift, but I know I most likely need one. I just want fuller more "normal" looking breasts. What procedures would you recommend to fill out my breasts and make them more aesthetically appealing?

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After Weight Loss, Choose Lift and Implants

Congratulations on your body transformation! It's common for breasts to appear "deflated" after significant weight loss. It appears from your photos that you would benefit from both a lift and an augmentation. If you were to get breast implants alone, although you would see some improvement in nipple position, your nipples and areolas would probably still point downward to some extent. To get lasting results that you are truly happy with, you will likely need some degree of breast lift with augmentation. Many surgeons can perform both a lift and augmentation at once to save you the expense and hassle of 2 separate operations. Ask your surgeon whether that option might work for you, and good luck with your procedure!

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Breast Surgery after Weight Loss

First, let me congratulate you on your impressive weight loss. It is difficult to say which exact procedures will work best for your concerns, but I'm inclined to think that you should be able to achieve the look you desire with the use of implants only. Many post-weight loss patients have similar concerns to yours that are all about volume and have less to do with drooping and sagging, conditions that tend to come with age and that are best treated with a breast lift. Consult with at least one board-certified plastic surgeon to see whether implants without a lift might work for you.

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What kind of lift/implants do I need after large weight loss

My over internet guess is a L-shaped lift + implants. Best to be seen by a few boarded PSs in your city.//

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Breast shape after weight loss

You would be an excellent candidate for larger breast implants and would probably not need a breast lift. Best of luck.

Breast surgery after weight loss

Congratulations on your weight loss! To improve upon the breast droopiness and the deflated appearance I would recommend a breast lift with implants. The type of lift needed could better be evaluated after a complete breast exam. It would be at least a vertical scar mastopexy, but may require a full "anchor" incision type mastopexy. The implant size would depend on the measured dimensions of your breasts and your desired size goals.

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Breast Lift Plus Implants Best Option After Large Weight Loss

Thank you for your question. You sound very well informed and seemed to understand that the nipples will need to be lifted to create the best shape for your breast and the addition of breast implants will restore the volume lost to do your weight loss.

As you point out her nipple position is low below the inframammary crease and this is a classic indication for a breast lift to place the nipple into a normal looking position. The addition of breast implants will re-create the fullness that she lost following her weight loss.

Be sure to consult a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who is experienced in breast cosmetic surgery.

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