What Kind of Laser or Peel to Treat Hyperpigmentation(folliculis/insect Bites) on Legs? (photo)

I got tiny brown spots all over my legs after IPL hair removal a few years ago. I have insect bites on my shin that turned brown after they healed. I've been applying regularly an azelaic acid prescription cream but i'm not seeing much difference. What other methods are effective to treat my hyperpigmentation? and can they be used in conjunction to laser hair removal or should I treat one problem at a time? please note: The scars are picking up quite red on camera. They are brown, not red in real life.

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Hyperpigmentation after laser treatment

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The best and safest way to treat hyperpigmentation after laser treatments is to use a hydroquinone which is a bleaching cream.  Use it twice daily and avoid the sun and that should help lighten up the area slowly.  Remember to apply sunblock if you are going outside with at least an SPF 45.

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